Course Directory

We are developing our InHouse MIT Opencourseware Website. Which lists down all the courses available at IITG. It features course details, Assignments, references, lecture slides, and videos all at one place. Students can cite different courses and Professors can easily approve their citations and guide them for the course. It also has a FaQ section where seniors and passouts can share tips and tricks to ace in the course.

It works as a unified resource for students course needs and doubts.

Add a Course
With the help of this feature, a new course if introduced in the academic curriculum will be able to add, so that the material will be up-to-date.
Lectures, Assignments and other materials
All the lecture slides of that particular course are found and also assignments of those courses can be downloaded.
Course Citation (On going)
With the help of this feature, non - iitg people can audit a course by the approval of the professor of that course.
Find a Course
With this anyone can find a course by using course credentials, like course id, level, etc. and also find a particular course.
Admin Panel
A portal made to add and modify the course modalities and adding a course material and other things.
Outlook Authentication
To keep privacy of the material so that only iitg people can use the course material for their understanding by using their outlook account.