CCD Diary

The project was to develop a web platform for the IITG community which one can use in the intern and placement season .One can maintain a complete data of companies that visited IITG during that season,( this includes the POC, CPOC too) they can add and delete their tasks as per their wish, filter(by year, intern and placement) and search companies.
Company Details
Company details can be updated by the person in charge. They can add new companies with details such as POC,CPOC, additional POC,whether it visited IITG for intern or placement.
Intern and Placement Tasks
In this section one can list all the tasks allotted ( both types of tasks are separately listed) and can delete once those tasks are done.The tasks will be listed in the order of time they were added and can see the time he/she mentioned in that.
In this section each company’s total details will be visible to the user such as the HR list, remarks made, whether it visited for placement or intern. One can add new HR of that company with all the details of HR such as contact number, linkedin profile and email address.