Alumni Portal

The project is to develop a web platform to facilitate ease of interaction between IITG students and alumni. It provides features like profiles (cf. linkedin), following, messaging, post, search and groups so that people can find and communicate with others with similar interests.
Profile Page
A linkedin like profile page, where users can update info regarding their experiences, projects, education and contact details. So that other users can assess if their interests align. The info provided would also be used for filtering search, so users can easily find what they are looking for. Users can follow other users from this page.
Posts and Feed
The website provides the facility to make posts, so that relevant information can be broadcasted easily to the relevant people. Attachments and Images can be added in a formatted manner with text while making posts. A feed page is also there which shows the recent and popular posts of the people the user has followed. The feed uses a simple rest API to load batches of posts as the user scrolls down. Users can like and comment on the posts.
Users can chat with other users using the message option. The website uses websockets for bidirectional communication (using django-channels). It also displays the last seen and online status of the users. Read receipts are also shown. All followed online users are displayed on the feed page.
The website also has a search feature with filters so that users can easily find relevant people and groups.
Users can make groups/pages concerning various subjects where relevant posts would be made. Its purpose is to provide compiled info regarding the interested subject. Users can follow the group to see the new posts in their feed. The content would be managed by the group admins.