SWC Journeys

Blog’s website is a community based website that allows users to form communities and learn and share new skills. It allows the users to save any blog read online and to search and discover related content that the website recommends. Users can form timelines of their journey to learn and work on a project and share them with the other community users.
The project comprises an input field that takes any url of a blog that a user wants to save and fetches all the necessary information from the url including the title name, image, short meta description, date and time and related tags using Beautiful Soup.
When the user saves a blog, the website provides a list of most relatable tags. We implement this feature of intelligent tagging using Open Calais API which uses NLP to find keywords from the blogs. We use django’s Taggable Manager for smooth handling of the tags.
Users can login or sign up using google login or by the custom login/logout/sign up of the website
The website provides a feature to save some blogs which they find more interesting or important than the rest as favorites which later gets added to the users’ favorites section.
The discover section of the website recommends users the articles and blogs, as well as allows them to discover and explore new content based on their interests or the blogs that they have saved. This feature in our website is implemented using Google’s News API.
One of the most intriguing features of the website is the timeline feature. As the website is for the community of learners beginning to venture in a particular technical field, the users can save every blog that they learned in their whole journey of getting skilled from the beginning to learn a topic to advancing in it. Different journeys can be created for different learning skills and these timelines can be shared within community users to help, share and grow. Whenever a developer starts a new project, he/she searches for resources to study from and comes across many blogs. They can save the blogs and can also add them to the timeline to keep track of how and in what order the particular resources were accessed by the user.
The users can form communities of their own or get added to existing communities so that similar minds come together and interact with each other and help each other by learning and sharing. Post and comment features have been implemented. There are features of chatting and upvoting and asking doubts within communities. Timelines can also be shared within communities. Multiple communities can be joined for ex. There can be a community of React, ML, AI, Development etc.
The chrome extension of our website is built using the JavaScript and Rest API of our website. Whenever the user wants to save a particular url of a blog, he/she can directly click on chrome extension and the blog gets saved on the user page. There is another feature of right click context menu to achieve the same.
The rest API of the website was built using Django-Rest Framework. This API was also used in making the chrome extension.