Gymkhana Election Portal 2022

The election portal is a product built by the SWC for the Student Gymkhana for conducting Student Gymkhana Elections 2022.
The aim of the project is to conduct fully transparent and secure elections in a college setup using Blockchain.
From the registration of candidates to the declaration the results, everything is done on the portal.
Each candidate gets his own profile page with his manifesto which he can then share for campaigning.
React.Js and Django Rest Framework were used for the front-end and backend of the portal respectively.
Backed by Django, the portal used RESTful APIs to authenticate users using Microsoft Oauth2.0.
The ballots are securely transacted on an Ethereum based test network. No one apart from you ( Not even the development team would ever know to whom you cast your vote.
The Portal has been developed such that the super admin can create a new election instance for future Hostel/SGC elections saving the team the efforts to code the portal every year.