Team Structure

We have an Organizational Structure here at SWC where you are assigned roles according to your experience. We are not a club but a committee. Students join as Project Developers and Designers and are assigned different products based on their work experience and enthusiasm.

The Team Consists of


They are the nerve system of whole SWC organization who head various projects and responsibilities and work together to manage teams and complete the work requirements. They consists of three pillars.
Web Core: The Web Backbone of SWC mentors and manages web requirements including back-end, front-end and hosting of various web based products on React, NodeJs, Django, and REST Frameworks.
App Core: The App Team of SWC mentors and manages app requirements including flutter and android-studio based application for IOS and Android.
Design Core: The Creative frame of the SWC, they take care of Product Design requirements including UX, UI and Research.


The senior members of team who have worked on multiple products with SWC in past, They take up projects and guide the next gen team to build those projects further.


Junior Developers : Taking Baby steps into the world of development, they are assigned projects that helps them learn the development cycle and building a full stack product in the process.
Perks include access to SWC Resources, Goodies and Certificates.
Senior Developers: Junior devs are promoted to senior developers after they complete one of the 2 phases of Development Cycles at SWC. A development cycle lasts for 4-6 months before SWC Calls for new developers. The Phase 1 starts from May and Phase 2 from October.
They are the Spine of SWC who will be holding the serious responsibilities of ensuring the smooth running of our projects and building the future of SWC, by training our Junior Developers. They will be interacting with the junior developers, leading the study projects, and helping them learn.
Their Selection Process will be through the interviews and concerning their work in earlier projects in SWC.
Perks include access to SWC Resources, Discord Roles, Workstations, Custom Domains, Product Licences, Signed Offer Letter and Letter of Recommendation.
Product Designers: They work on various UX and UI projects creating design systems and application with the Design Core.
Perks include access to SWC Resources, Workstations, Custom Domains, Server Access, Product Licences, Signed Offer Letter and Letter of Recommendation.